Falling into place

From the summer that really wasn’t, with bipolar weather strongly in depressive mode (grey and cool) for months with one manic spike (106 degrees F?!), now we are in a beautiful Indian summer on the first official day of fall. I am now in somewhat of an identity crisis- a newly minted Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher, but my professional reputation over the last 20 years is the orthopedic doctor who teaches therapeutic, largely Iyengar based, yoga for back pain, repetitive strain injury, etc. Can we integrate the two? Probably not, as Kundalini yoga is not to be blended, hybridized, or otherwise modified other than adapting certain asanas for physical limitations. As a tremendous tool for my personal transformation, it shall serve as making me a better physician and yoga teacher, in whatever specialty or style I choose, as well as better wife, friend, family member, and all around human being!

Autumn is always for me a time of new beginnings and “projects”; this year’s looks like it will be helping out in family matters, the aging parent thing. Just when I thought I was done with monthly flights to Los Angeles, I guess we will be continuing in that vein! Ample opportunity to practice attitudinal reality adjustment: things are as stressful and difficult as we make them out to be in our thoughts and expectations. Repetitive stress of negativity can be overcome by substitution of a different choice: to assume everything will work out fine, smoothly, and without a hitch. And the amazing thing I am learning is: being more positive makes my life a lot easier! If we are going to be creatures of habit, may as well make them more beneficial and pleasant ones….

This fall and winter are shaping up to be a bit more mellow than the first part of the year..No public appearances planned other than for the Rohnert Park Garden Club in late October.Otherwise, I teach one more 6 week session of Yoga for Pain Management at the Center for Well Being staring October 19. See my website gaildubinskymd.com home page for more information.

Enjoy the progression of the season!