About Dr Dubinsky

About Dr. Dubinsky

Gail Dubinsky, M.D. received her medical degree in 1979. She has been in private practice since 1983, initially in general medicine and since 1988 specializing in nonsurgical orthopedic medicine, combining “conventional”and “alternative” therapies for a truly “integrative” approach. Dr. Dubinsky’s whole person centered approach combines thorough evaluation, identifying the core issues that generate pain and dysfunction, and hands-on treatment. Her broader viewpoint addresses the lifestyle factors supporting true healing of any orthopedic condition or injury. learn more


Medical Practice

Practicing the traditional skills of listening and laying on of hands, I offer consultations, case management and treatment… read more


Yoga Instruction

My passion in teaching yoga is making its benefits available to a population who otherwise would not feel comfortable or capable of taking a yoga class. I am still available for private yoga consultations. Contact me to learn more. For more information on RSI? RX: Yoga! and Yoga for Gardeners DVDs: Yoga by DR. DUBINSKY



“She gets to the bottom of what’s going on and cures you from the ground up…. very personable and supportive, and treats you like a real human being…”

–R. G., Rohnert Park

“Your written ‘Rx for Life’s are such an invaluable tool! I keep mine posted up where I see it everyday and am reminded to carry out your advice.”

–C. F, Graton

“You are truly the best yoga teacher I’ve ever had!!”

–S. S., Forest Knolls

“I’ve tried everything but surgery to seek relief from the pain caused by sciatica. Four one hour sessions in your Yoga for Pain class has greatly reduced my pain. Thank you.”

–M. V., Santa Rosa

“Thank you for teaching me how to find that place of deep calm inside myself. Yoga will remain a life long practice for me because of your efforts.”

–K. C, Sebastopol

“I felt positive changes after my first session”

–R. S., Santa Rosa

“After just a 10 minute treatment my neck was so much better… you have magic hands!”

–L. S., Rohnert Park

“I came to see you because you are open to considering multiple other options besides surgery, and willing to spend the time to let me know what they are.”

–L. T., Forestville

“I am so grateful you are out there! You are the best doctor I have ever seen for taking care of the whole person.”

–K. Jones, Nurse Case Manager, Petaluma

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Dr. Dubinsky’s Credentials and Training


Suffering from an injury?

As a physician, I see people almost daily who have suffered injuries in motor vehicle accidents, but do not have much choice of or access to effective treatment, and as a result their pain and limitations keep them from activities they enjoy and perhaps even from working. Why? Simply because they did not request a very important part of auto insurance coverage. LEARN MORE ABOUT MED PAY

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Rx Yoga! Rx with Gail Dubinsky02/19/2024

A series of themed workshops teaching Yoga tools to reduce pain and increase function. *Familiar exercises “Yoga-ized “to enhance their effectiveness*Yoga exercises modified to fit virtually every need. Saturday Feb 24 or Monday Feb 26 10:30-11:45 AMLow back, SacroIliac Joint and a bit of Core Saturday March 30 or Monday April 1 10:30-11:45 AM Knees […]

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