Patients and yoga students

“What an unexpected surprise! Not only did Dr. Gail’s yoga class teach me deep breathing and relaxation techniques for my stressed out self, through the various stretching exercises she taught us, it actually reduced my 7-8 year old lumpy, bumpy and ugly heart bypass scar to basically nothing! I only have a faint line now…a miracle!”

–N. G., Graton

“…As one that suffers from chronic neck and backache it was refreshing to be provided with an alternative to the standard treatment of medication to alleviate pain. There are mornings when I’m certain that I couldn’t function if it weren’t for doing simple yoga poses that I’ve learned in this class…..”

–A. B., Forestville

“I am very fortunate to have had a rare physician that understands the complexity of the whole and not just the mechanics of an injury. I appreciate the support you have given me throughout my case.”

–P. C., Vallejo

“She gets to the bottom of what’s going on and cures you from the ground up…. very personable and supportive, and treats you like a real human being…”

–R. G., Rohnert Park

“Your written ‘Rx for Life’s are such an invaluable tool! I keep mine posted up where I see it everyday and am reminded to carry out your advice.”

–C. F, Graton

“You are truly the best yoga teacher I’ve ever had!!”

–S. S., Forest Knolls

“I’ve tried everything but surgery to seek relief from the pain caused by sciatica. Four one hour sessions in your Yoga for Pain class has greatly reduced my pain. Thank you.”

–M. V., Santa Rosa

“Thank you for teaching me how to find that place of deep calm inside myself. Yoga will remain a life long practice for me because of your efforts.”

–K. C, Sebastopol

“I felt positive changes after my first session”

–R. S., Santa Rosa

“After just a 10 minute treatment my neck was so much better… you have magic hands!”

–L. S., Rohnert Park

“I came to see you because you are open to considering multiple other options besides surgery, and willing to spend the time to let me know what they are.”

–L. T., Forestville

“I am so grateful you are out there! You are the best doctor I have ever seen for taking care of the whole person.”

–K. Jones, Nurse Case Manager, Petaluma