New Year Musings of the Gardening Doctor

Almost a month into 2011.. I am really enjoying the spare beauty of bare trees, stripped of leaves, revealing the clean lines of their branches silhouetted against the pale sky- down to bare essence. We can enact this simplicity and paring down with a year end cleaning out of all the unnecessary paper and other clutter that fills our energetic and physical space..leaving you lighter, fresh and ready for the growing days and tasks that fill them.

Garden sap definitely starting to rise- breaking the 4-6 week habit of basically staying out of the yard during the coldest year end spells, venturing outside to plant a few bare root items here and there, move some dormant plants around to redesign the yard some, plan other projects, and of course, the call to weeding now, pruning shortly to come. Herein lurk the most insidious threats of repetitive stress injuries!! A good time to start, resume or continue your Yoga for Gardeners practice, and remember: it’s not just stretching, but attitudinal adjustment! And remember to keep those clippers and pruning tools sharp..

On a totally different note, I am still trying to get the word out as an orthopedic doctor who treats a lot of motor vehicle accidents… have you checked your auto insurance policy lately? With the unfortunately high numbers of uninsured, underinsured, inattentive, incapacitated under the influence, and/or just plain incompetent drivers out there, it is important to protect yourself with generous medical benefits
and protection against people who have no or inadequate insurance whom you may have the misfortune to come into vehicular contact with! A bit more money for insurance up front will provide you with treatment you need, proper compensation, and greatly reduced hassle and stress (that alone is priceless) just in case you were to be in an accident. See my web site under medical practice- med pay, and talk to your insurance agent-
make it a new year’s resolution with immediate follow through!