Summertime- and the Living is… Healthy!

Solstice is behind us, but we are just beginning with the summer fun! Weather is finally good (meaning season appropriate warm!), garden is in, hard work is done, now watch it grow, keep the weeds and varmints at bay, starting to reap the rewards!

There is no better time to change your nutrition for the better, with the amazing variety of fresh fruits and vegetables available now, in a progressive succession of what comes in and goes out of season. Did you know the prime way to reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, all degenerative conditions ( including arthritis and dementia) and increase your energy, vitality and well being all boils down to a simple action: Eat your fruits and veggies! And lots of them- going for a daily variety of colors for all the synergistic nutrients that cannot be gotten from any supplement or vitamin. Why
not? Come find out in the next nutrition and lifestyle presentation I will be hosting with Joanna Rebelgale in Santa Rosa Monday July 25. For more info, email me at my email address on the bottom of this page.