On The Road Again – with Juice Plus

Extricating ourselves from home and work, down to one of our favorite So Cal desert spots… Expansive and uplifting for heart and soul,
but there is a bit of a trade-off—the food! Specifically speaking, road food- away from our little No Cal bubble of local abundance of organic farm sourced fruits and vegetables, grassfed animals, free range chickens, wild salmon—is it really true that the vast majority of Americans want and eat, on a regular basis, fast food chain fare?! Sure, have healthy snacks for car food, but at some point one wants and needs a sit down dinner or breakfast.

But little victories come after prolonged searching, just at the edge of too tired and hungry—the little mom and pop pizza place in Bakersfield with a fairly decent salad bar, or the coffee shop in Apple Valley that offered grits and fresh sautéed potatoes as side dishes for the multivegie omelette.

Still, thank God for Juice Plus! That nutritional gap it fills can get to be almost as big as those canyons in the desert mountains when we are down there. Thinking of all these people in our fast food nation- the task of helping them to embrace positive changes in diet and lifestyle can seem as vast as the open space of the high desert. But, the movement is growing, consciousness is being raised, and I am glad to be part of the process- to be of influence to those I can.

To learn more how influential our nutrition and lifestyle can be over our health and medical destiny, don’t miss guest presenter Paulette Suzanne discuss Epigenetics and how our DNA is not our destiny, Thursday Nov 17. See my Events and Gallery page for more information.

Gail Dubinsky M.D. specializes in orthopedic medicine, including osteopathic manual therapy, treatment of spinal, joint and soft tissue injuries, repetitive stress injuries, yoga instruction and therapy, and emphasizes nutrition and lifestyle changes for optimum health.