Giving a fish, or teaching to fish?

As summer turns to fall, I am feeling new energy to help more people heal and be healthy in a positive long lasting way! Being whole person centered and providing alternative attitudes and approaches to the mainstream way of dealing with orthopedic injuries has defined my practice for many years. However, these medical relationships revolve around crisis, trauma or chronic pain or issues to be healed and resolved, and when we arrive at some degree of achieving that, it is often the end of our connection, at least until the next episode, flare or injury…

So how to continue or form positive long-standing relationships that aren’t based on some negative event or condition? Teaching yoga is one way for sure- yoga for, say, back pain becomes yoga for vitality, balance, stress relief and prevention of pain returning or worsening. But even so, most students don’t progress to a consistent home practice.

The question then is, how do I help people be as healthy as they can with something they can do every day? Answer: educating and providing ways to have the best foundational nutrition on a daily basis- with a rainbow of plant based whole food! Most of us don’t have the free time or income to spend growing, buying, and preparing a consistent variety of peak-of- ripeness produce to fill up half our plate with every meal every day- but that’s what the USDA recommendations are! Besides, many adults and children have strong aversions or dislikes to certain vegetables and fruits.

To help people achieve those almost impossible nutritional guidelines for good health, one of my best tools has become Juice Plus: fruit, vegetable and berry concentrate in capsules or chews. (To learn more about the unparalleled quality of this product and gold standard medical research studies on it, visit my website

In my practice I consistently am seeing positive results in inflammatory and degenerative conditions- healing our cells from the inside out, making a true long term difference! My goal for this coming year is to share this great whole food supplement with a wider audience.

Coming up in my next blog : “why not just take vitamins?”