Taking a Yoga and Breathwalk Sabbatical

Sometimes the Universe just keeps giving an ongoing message til I wake up and get it!

Today marks the 6 month anniversary of the medical complication that sent me into a new to me experience of profound health challenges- emergency abdominal surgery, then 7 weeks ago sudden onset of very painful left side facial paralysis (2 cranial nerves in a snit at the same time!) out of the blue (but probably related to the systemic shock of the surgery aftermath..) and then, just to top it off, over 2 weeks of the kind of virus I don;t usually catch, having always prided myself on my good health and immunity… But since only one month since surgery, Ms. hyper-dedicated returned to yoga teaching, soldering on as always (over the past 20 plus years I have taught yoga in a arm cast, while having back spasms, sick if I couldn;t get a sub that week, etc) very thin and debilitated, then looking like a facial stroke victim, and just recently with this bug from hell, hacking and coughing…! As I tell the tale, it certainly seems absurd, but despite declining attendance it didn’t occur to me that I really should be putting my recovery first before service to others.

It’s just I so love to teach and share what has made such a difference in my life….

But this week I had the epiphany that revealed: it is time to take a break and really heal.

The wounded healer archetype can serve for a medical professional (my primary occupation) but as a yoga teacher it comes up short from modeling health and vitality.

Therefore, through the end of 2014 I am suspending the Center for Well Being Tuesday yoga class, as well as the month end Breathwalk (I was trying to resume this fall but the health circumstances just did not permit.) After the new year we will re-evaluate if I will start up again or if perhaps it is time for me to step down from teaching yoga after 24 great years, and allow my practice to continue to be internally healing for me for this next chapter of my life..

Wishing everyone a healthy, healing year end and holiday season!