Healing – and a new offering!

Have been remiss in not posting an update for over a year(!), leaving at least one old colleague in suspense that I was permanently disabled, or had retired! Happy to say that after a long gradual process of continuing recovery, with a few minor setbacks here and there, I am feeling quite well these days. I have to thank my own Kundalini yoga practice, support of husband, friends and colleagues, and most of all having embraced- at least most of the time- the reality of a much more spacious and lower key life as the new normal. While ill, I really could sense the onset of inner fatigue, and hear the inner voice of “enough” building, compelling me to stop and rest or other wise pace myself. This inner guidance system is something most of us just tune out when we don’t suffer immediate consequences of not heeding it. So hopefully I will be able to resist the urge to keep pushing to “be more productive”, and keep doing what works!

Yoga wise, I no longer teach a weekly class. However, you may occasionally find me substituting at Yoga One in Santa Rosa Tuesday evenings for my Kundalini teacher extraordinaire Parmatma Kaur. Their web site will have the weekly teachers/substitutes posted.

My integrative orthopedic medicine practice is gradually building back to its previous level. After a profoundly effective treatment I received last year, I am pursuing training in Zero Balancing, an osteopathic treatment that works at the interface of structure and energy. So far have completed the 2 core courses, and have just committed to a certification program. Am playing with different ways to employ this very healing hands on treatment in the context of my practice, and integrate it with Strain Counterstrain (the osteopathic modality I have specialized in for years), which also continues to evolve with more and more new techniques. It has been very exciting expanding my “tool box”, and my practice is even more fulfilling than ever!