Fall Greetings!

After a hiatus of over 6 months, during which time I moved my medical office (an undertaking more immense than I would have ever imagined), I am back in the You Tube saddle and generating fresh content for my channel of yoga, breath practices, meditations and more.

The link is:


Just uploaded is a new Yoga Pearl, and coming over the next few weeks 3 wonderful and very useful brief breath/meditation practices to help weather the stress of our times. I know that most people look at yoga clips on line for the physical aspects, but I encourage you to check out the breath/meditation practices- they may enhance your life and well being in ways you might not expect!

Soon I will also be presenting new playlists Kundalini Core Pearls and Kundalini Kriya Strands.

Definitely not reinventing the wheel regarding all the “core” videos out there; rather the Core Pearls show how to strengthen not just muscles but the energetic core for greater resilience. The Kriya strands are short to medium follow along sequences direct from the Kundalini yoga tradition, which I have chosen for their accessibility (containing many pearls previously presented) and short to medium length- usually no longer than 20 minutes, often less.

If there is anything you would like to see in a video, please contact me!

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Wishing you a happy healthy holiday season coming up!

Dr Gail