Expanding Yoga Offerings- So Much More than Just Stretching

March 2022

Spring Greetings!

I think we can all agree that we are in the midst of so many shifting local, international and planetary events and energies, it takes a lot just to stay calm, centered and focused!

More than ever, we need self care practice that attends to body mind and spirit, and our nervous system in particular. And for me, for over 45 years, that has been yoga.

To reach a greater audience, I have been increasing my You Tube presence, to help others cope with the stresses of our times. I remain true to my mission- to offer accessible “yoga for people who don’t do yoga”- for healing back and neck pain, repetitive strain injuries, and other joint and soft tissue injuries and conditions.

But more and more I can see that those issues are directly impacted by stress, anxiety and depression. Therefore, I am offering more breathing practices, as well as simple meditations and energy exercises from the Kundalini yoga tradition that you don’t often see in Apps or elsewhere on the internet (especially not modeled by a “senior” person!) to relieve tension and anxiety, calm and promote vagal tone, lift your spirits, boost your energy, and more.

I invite you to take a look (again) and explore my expanding You Tube channel GailDubinskyYoga. My diverse offerings are organized into multiple playlists including tutorials on basic yoga poses, Iyengar based hatha and Kundalini yoga sequences of short to medium length, Kundalini core exercises, Breathwalk energy exercises, and especially Breathing, Meditations and techniques to enhance wellness. There are also clips from my legacy DVDs RSI Rx:Yoga! and Yoga for Gardeners. If you haven’t already (and thanks if you have!), subscribing will ensure you receive notification when new content is posted.

I still am available for in person yoga consultations, and of course my orthopedic medicine practice. Finally, stay tuned for possible future notifications of a group event such as a Breathwalk outdoors….I think we have all been missing that in person connection!

Namaste, Sat Nam…

Dr Gail