Holiday season greetings!

I wanted to reach out before year’s end—2022 went fast didn’t it?!

Gratitude was everyone’s theme last month, but so essential on an ongoing basis to keep us seeing the positive in our lives and the world! Among other things, I am so grateful for my “new” office of 18 months, and that I can still be with, treat, and learn and grow from my patients and colleagues, and continue to be of service in this way.

Now is the season of giving, and I submit that the gift of self care to ourselves is essential.

As a physician who practices and teaches yoga, it is my passion to bring its benefits to more people. Sometimes just a few simple exercises, stretches or breath practices can be gamechanging. I haven’t taught public classes for 8 years, but at the beginning of the Covid pandemic sprang into action motivated to share the gifts of yoga to lessen anxiety and strengthen the immune system. This endeavor has grown into a You Tube channel of almost 100 clips of varying lengths and topics: quick energy exercises, tutorials on basic yoga exercises, short to moderate yoga sequences, basic core exercises, some fascinating breath and meditation practices, and more.

If you have not visited my channel at GailDubinskyYoga, please do and click on the blue logo icon (seen at the bottom of this letter), view the channel guide, and explore!

New this month: My legacy yoga videos/DVDs RSI? Rx:Yoga! and Yoga For Gardeners are beinguploaded to the online platform Udemy, from which they can be downloaded as “courses”.

The content from 1999 and 2005 respectively is still relevant as ever. Sample clips and links to Udemy can be found on my companion website For those who still have DVD players or drives, I have some hard copies left for purchase at my office.

Please drop me a line if you would be interested in a group zoom or in person yoga class, weekly, monthly, or ? I miss teaching and have been mulling over some possibilities, to be determined based on input and feedback.

Meanwhile, best wishes for a happy healthy holiday and New Year!

Gail Dubinsky MD