A Bit of Healing For Us All

Sonoma Strong Healing Fair

Greetings as we head straight into fall! Here in Sonoma County, there are just the
right amount of seasonal changes – quality of light, changes in day length, the
harvest and transitions in our gardens and increased busyness of birds and insects
getting ready for winter. I am heading to New England this week for a multiday
Zero Balancing workshop, and will be excited to come back and employ new skills
in my practice. Supposedly a bit early for the autumn color there, but we shall see
what we get!
This season also marks the first anniversary coming up of the massive fires of last
October. Our community has been impacted in lasting ways, and the recovery will be
long and multifaceted. For some the trauma and loss was direct, but all of us have
been energetically impacted. We all have a chance to heal and be in community at a
wonderful event taking place at the end of the month: the Sonoma Strong Healing
Fair, marking the first anniversary of the firestorm and celebrating the many ways
we can build resilience and heal from the stresses and losses that have been
I will be a participating practitioner giving mini seated Zero Balancing sessions, and
invite you to come and enjoy a free event of multifaceted offerings! The attached
flyer has all the information, and I hope to see you there.