Season for gratitude….and self care!

With our protracted days of unseasonable warmth behind us, and the nights
suddenly much longer and colder, we approach Thanksgiving at a time of significant
stress and anxiety. It is hard to recall a prolonged period without a devastating
wildfire, other weather disaster, or mass shooting. Recent elections give some
glimmer of hope, but how to get through the day, the week, our lives, in the midst of
so much tragedy and misfortune near and far?

For me, one of the best ways to abort despair is to remind myself what I have to be
grateful for. This is absolutely no cliché. The topic has been the subject of
considerable scientific study, but this is one area where personal experience is all
that is required to know what is indeed true. We take so much for granted, and even
though we all have varying degrees of personal challenges, we can nonetheless
appreciate our good fortune in so many ways and thus lift our spirits.

The other just as important way to manage stress, anxiety and depression is self
care. There are many facets of this, but for this writing I am focusing on feeling
better in our bodies. It is my professional opinion that virtually everyone would
benefit on a physical, and mental/emotional level as well, from a regular
maintenance practice or exercise of some kind. I would not be a functional human
being without my essentially daily yoga/meditation practice. It does take time and
commitment, but the rewards are great- less pain and stiffness, more calm and
clarity. Is the challenge carving out the time, or is it deeper than that- prioritizing
oneself last on the list? Is there some time perhaps lost to screens and social media
that could be diverted to balancing our bodies and minds?

Speaking of balancing, I will be presenting with Merritt Smith, of the Iaso Wellness
Center in Santa Rosa, an introductory workshop on the Chakra energy system on
Wednesday November 28 from 6-8 PM. My contribution will be basic, simple yoga
exercises, breathing and meditations that pertain to each of the chakras. I am really
happy to be invited to participate in this way because I actually do miss teaching
yoga! Please see the adjoined flyer for more information.

I wish you a warm, meaningful Thanksgiving season!